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    Printable Articles
    The following articles were developed by the authors for use in various printed formats.

  • Labeling genetically engineered foods html
    This article from the Autumn issue of "From the Ground Up," a newsletter published by the Cooperative Extension Office at Colorado State University, provides information on the current status of labeling in the United States and arguments for and against labeling.

  • Bt corn questions and answers html pdf
    Dr. Frank Peairs in the department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management at Colorado State University developed this set of questions and answers about Bt corn.

  • Protection against corn rootworm html
    This article from the Autumn issue of "From the Ground Up," a newsletter published by the Cooperative Extension Office at Colorado State University, previews the Bt corn varieties that are being developed by Monsanto and Pioneer.

    Slide Presentations
    The following PowerPoint presentations were developed by the authors for showing to various audiences in workshops and classes. You may view a presentation on the web.

  • The Basics of Transgenic Technology view
    This presentation, developed by Pat Byrne, covers many of the steps involved in making a transgenic plant, including design of the transgenic construct and the methods of transformation.

  • How Safe Are Transgenic Crops? Regulatory Systems view
    This presentation, developed by Pat Byrne, covers the U.S. regulatory agencies and the aspects of transgenic crops that they regulate, insect resistance management and the refuge strategy, and food labelling.

  • Transgenic Crops: Risks, Concerns, and Benefits view
    This presentation, developed by Sarah Ward, covers many of the issues that have been raised concerning transgenic crops, such as genetic trespass, genetic erosion, effects on non-target organisms, corporate control of the food supply, and potential benefits for developing countries.

  • Transgenic Technology: Ethics and Controversy view
    This presentation, developed by Sarah Ward, examines the use of transgenic technology issues to teach critical thinking skills in the classroom.

  • Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods view
    This presentation, developed by Pat Byrne, covers the controversy over whether or not to label foods that contain transgenic ingredients. Arguments for and against labeling are detailed.

    Lessons and Assignments
    The following lesson was developed by the author for use as a classroom exercise or as a homework assignment.

  • Are Monarchs Threatened by Bt Corn?
    Agricultural Biotechnology and the Monarch Butterfly: Are Monarchs Threatened by Bt Corn?
    This web-based exercise, developed by Judy Harrington, encourages students to think critically about scientific issues. Questions prompt the student to gather information and apply it to a problem of current interest.

    The following lessons and assignments were developed by teachers and provided to us for posting on the web site. We appreciate the generosity of all who contribute their work for others to share.

  • Internet exercise on genetically modified foods html
    Tom Creegan, a biology teacher at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, contributed this assignment in which students access several internet sites on GM foods and answer questions about what they have read.

    Links to Other Resources on the World Wide Web
    The following resources are available from other web sites.

  • Frankenfoods? and Torn at the Genes
    These case studies, from the Case Studies in Science collection maintained by the State University of New York at Buffalo, cover many of the arguments for and against genetically engineered foods. Teaching guides are included. http://ublib.buffalo.edu/libraries/projects/cases/ubcase.htm#plant

  • Educational Resources for Food & Agricultural Biotechnology
    Background Information, Lesson Plans, Lab Experiments, Classroom Demonstrations, and More
    Our list of web sites that contain resources for teachers.

  • High School Crop Genetic Engineering
    http://croptechnology.unl.edu/highschool/ The University of Nebraska at Lincoln maintains a library of lessons on crop genetic engineering targeted to high school students.

  • Princeton Molecular Biology Outreach Programs
    http://www-hhmi.princeton.edu/hhmi/index.html The Howard Hughes Medical Institute sponsors this site maintained by Princeton University. Lab manuals on a variety of topics in molecular biology and classroom-ready protocols are available for downloading. Princeton also offers a two-week summer workshop for teachers.

  • Agricultural Biotechnology: Informing the Dialogue
    The New York Agricultural Experiment Station and Cornell University have prepared this primer on the issues involved in genetically engineered crops.

  • Bacillus thuringiensis: Sharing its natural talent with crops
    This is a four-module series prepared for high school teachers to use with their students and for extension educators to use with adult learners. Each module contains background information, lesson plans, internet resources, and masters for overhead transparencies.

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