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    Printable Articles
    The following articles were developed by the authors for use in various printed formats.

  • Labeling genetically engineered foods html
    This article from the Autumn issue of "From the Ground Up," a newsletter published by the Cooperative Extension Office at Colorado State University, provides information on the current status of labeling in the United States and arguments for and against labeling.

    Slide Presentations

    The following PowerPoint presentations were developed by the authors for showing to various audiences in workshops and classes. You may view a presentation on the web.

  • How Safe Are Transgenic Crops? Regulatory Systems view
    This presentation, developed by Pat Byrne, covers the U.S. regulatory agencies and the aspects of transgenic crops that they regulate, insect resistance management and the refuge strategy, and food labelling.

  • Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods view
    This presentation, developed by Pat Byrne, covers the controversy over whether or not to label foods that contain transgenic ingredients. Arguments for and against labeling are detailed.

    Links to Other Web Resources

  • Dietetics@Work http://www.dieteticsatwork.com/biotech_order.asp
    This web site, sponsored by Dietitians of Canada, has a downloadable informational booklet, Modern Food Biotechnology: Principles and Perspectives, written by dieticians. Registration (at no cost) is required if you are not a member of Dietetics@Work.

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