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Checking for the Flash Plug-in (in Netscape only)

The following steps will show you how to check to see if you have the Flash plug-in installed on your computer. The Flash plug-in is required in order to view the "How to make Transgenic Plants: Animation Demo" for the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Use the following steps to check for an installed Flask plug-in:

  1. Open your Netscape browser.

  2. On the top menu, select Edit then Preferences.

  3. A preferences menu box will pop-up. In the column on the left side of the box, select Navigator. If there are no options beneeth Navigator, click the little plus sign (+) to the left of the word Navigator. The following options should appear below Navigator: Languages, Applications, and Smart Browsing.

  4. From the list of options below Navigator, select Applications. A list of applications should appear in a white box to the right of the Preferences menu.

  5. Scroll down the list of applications in the white box to see if Flash is there (HINT: The applications are listed in alphabetical order). If Flash appears in the list, then you have a Flash plug-in installed. If you do not see Flash in the application list, then you probably do not have a Flash plug-in installed. To get the Flash plug-in, go to and download it.

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